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Welcome to St. Stephen Minor Hockey

Subject: Rogers Hometown Hockey October 22 & 23, 2016

The Rogers Hometown Hockey tour is a free hockey festival for all ages! For the third straight season Canadians across the Country will get to experience the game they love with the ones they love, along with one of Canada's favourites, Ron MacLean!

Each weekend concludes with a broadcast of an NHL game hosted live on site from our Sportsnet Module Studio. (To be held at Long Wharf)

Rogers Hometown Hockey encourages minor hockey teams, friends and families in the community to come out to enjoy the festival and show your true hockey spirit. It's a weekend you won't want to miss!

Rogers Hometown Hockey is looking to work with the minor hockey associations in each community to help spread the word about the festival weekend. Our goal is to spark excitement in the community and rally teams and family members to come out to participate with us.

As part of our grass roots approach to involve additional minor hockey teams, in each market we are looking for 5 minor hockey teams to be titled as our weekend all-stars!

Teams will be required to come down to the festival Sunday afternoon at a time to be determined closer to the event weekend.

Teams within District 5 will be drawn by lottery, stay tuned to see if your team is the successful drawn participant.

In continual support of fundraising for Minor Hockey, we provider the opportunity for one local team to assist with the up keep of garbage and recycling on site. A $500 honorarium would be provided to the team for their assistance.

This Team will also be drawn by lottery, stay tuned to see if your team is the successful drawn participant.


  Rogers Hometown Hockey with Ron MacLean and Tara Slone is coming to Saint John, and we want you to be part of the fun and excitement!
  You're invited to take part in our nationwide Cheer Like Never Before Contest.
  Last year's winning cheer team captured the ultimate hockey experience including a VIP trip to an NHL game. They got to watch a game-day skate, had a meet and greet with players and alumni, and had a once in a lifetime opportunity as they performed their cheer live in an NHL dressing room. This year's prize will be announced soon.
  So, here's what we need you to do. Throw on your jerseys, and record a video of your team’s cheer to win big with Rogers Hometown Hockey. Get your players and coaching staff to participate. Share your video and encourage your team’s fans to vote for your cheer. The top five teams with the most votes will be invited to take part in the festivities when the Rogers Hometown Hockey Tour visits Long Wharf in Saint John on Oct. 22-23.<UrlBlockedError.aspx>The winning team from Greater Saint John will have a chance to win the grand prize.
  You will be able to upload your cheer beginning Friday September 30, 2016 - and find more information - on our website at www.hometownhockey.com<http://www.hometownhockey.com/>.
  Sport your team colours and get ready to Cheer Like Never Before, and your team could be invited to make your cheer on the big stage at Long Wharf.
  Let's show our pride to Ron and Tara, and the rest of Canada.
  Thanks for participating and good luck.

Rogers Hometown Hockey Saint John


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